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I am Kim Nazarek...
Certified Genetic Specialist*
Behavioral Therapist

Over a decade of hands-on experience in health, nutrition, genetics, fitness, overcoming trauma, and behavioral achievement. I have taught over 100 workshops to help people identify their goals and use all the tools available to achieve and surpass their plans. *See academic credentials below.

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Cristian Nazarek,

As head of our physiology and physical change division, Cristian comes with a résumé second to none. A highly recognized athlete in track and field, many of the records he set in college have not been beaten. Graduating as a scholar-athlete in the field of cellular biology, Cristian continued his education to become a certified nutritionist, a strength and conditioning specialist, and an elite trainer.

Cristian works with high-end athletes to increase their skills and helps younger athletes understand the power of change both physically and mentally. Cristian is a black belt in martial arts, a scuba diver, and an advanced snowboarder.

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Nola has always had a fascination and keen interest in behavioral change. Independently she studied intensively learning all aspects of how people think and change.


Currently enrolled in the nation's most respected academic institutions, she continues to expand her horizons in all aspects of behavioral therapy and change. Nola plays a critical role with the company in client interaction and event planning.

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Nola Vella
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