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Elite Spirit

Playing at Your Best
Tools to get you in the zone and achieving your optimal level

A recent study showed that taking competitive runners and having them sprint on a track with all their training would generate fast times. Interestingly, by bringing in the science of behavioral therapy, and utilizing specific tools these runners got faster.


Every athlete and corporate executive will tell you about being in the zone. It isn’t about the body, in contrast, it’s about your mind and how to focus it to believe unconditionally and work or play at your ultimate best.

At Telic Elite we create a personalized and specific program, testing your genetics and DNA, to create a plan that understands how your body works, how your mind thinks, and what might be holding you back.


Bringing in a sound nutritional design, with a distinct and personal cardiovascular and strength and conditioning program to bring the body-mind connection into its best performance ability. 


If your goal is to achieve personal success or if you suffer from test anxiety, or find yourself doubting your ability or skill; knowing in your heart that whether it be, a corporate success, academic achievement, or physical and athletic perfection, our program is designed specifically for you.

Beach Yoga
The Winning Psychology
Your tools for a powerful mind

What do top athletes and corporate executives know that so many others miss?


Having a mental coach that utilizes the power of mental focus, concentration, and visualization by instituting tools to capture the conscious and subconscious mind to release fear and doubt and embrace confidence can make the difference between winning and losing.


Utilizing tools such as hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, EFT, and progressive imagery, anyone can improve their performance to achieve long-term success.

The Academic Edge
Alleviate the anxieties of test-taking

Many students striving to get into college, score high on graduate school entrance exams, or past licensing exams for medicine, law, or any profession, find that having the knowledge may not be enough.


Test anxiety and personal doubt have limited so many highly talented individuals' success. Our unique program, alleviates test anxiety, helping create anchors that during test taking alleviate fear and stress allowing information to flow.


Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown that tools such as visualization, hypnotherapy, and others have helped students become highly skilled at test-taking.

Students Taking Exams
Image by Jamie Brown
Nutritional Strategies to Win
Work and play at your personal best

The science of nutritional psychology is changing the world of performance.


Understanding how certain foods affect the chemicals in your body and your mind, a customized design, your macro and micronutrients, and when and when not to eat can make all the difference to your success.


Our certified team of nutritionists and sports nutritionists will work together with your genetic report and your personal goals to design a program to help you reach your goals.

Genetic Testing
Improve your personal performance 

It all starts with your genetics. We look at your DNA and examine 80 genetic markers to determine your personal traits.


We research your mental and physical foundation, training response, fuel utilization, recovery recommendations, and considerably more.


This is scientific research. After a simple swab is sent to a confidential lab, you will receive a distinct report and how your body works and how you can epigenetic the change to make you perform better.

Scientist using microscope

Are you ready?

Meet with one of our professionals today for a free consultation 

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