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Elite Body

Finding The True You
Capturing the body you want for a lifetime

Statistically over 90% of people who go out with the true intention to lose weight, unfortunately, fail. Whether they quit the diet or gain back that frustrating weight within a year, the journey to permanent weight loss and the body you want is far harder than simply diet and exercise. So what is the key, it is blending the science of the body and the power of the mind together.

With Telic Elite, we bring the cutting-edge science of genetics and genetic testing, the power of nutrition, and specifically, the nutritional design based on your body, proven techniques of exercise physiology including a cardiovascular and resistance program and goals, and combine it with behavioral tools to utilize your mind, releasing from your subconscious mind what may be holding you back, and create new perceptions of the true you.


The goal is simple, to give you the body you want, that is both physically attractive, nutritionally sound, and healthy, with tools you will use for a lifetime. Our three-week, six-week, and nine-week programs are designed to give you all the tools for a healthier lifestyle, and permanent change.

Food, Diet, and Weight Loss
A personalized nutritional design

Our team includes both certified nutritionists and certified sports nutritionists who understand every aspect of food broken down by their macrobiotics, simply put carbohydrates, protein, and fat.


Utilizing your genetic study, and your personal history tied to your goals, we will design a program that works for you and teach you how to eat for a lifetime.

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Eating with Chopsticks
Specific Eating Windows
Burn fat more efficiently and quickly

We will design a program of not just what to eat but went to eat.


These eating Windows are specifically designed to give you the calories you need and the time for your body to recover and burn more fat.

The New Science of Exercise
Designed for your body and goals

Imagine having an Elite or Master Physical Trainer with a background in cellular biology or physiology, a program specifically meant to improve your personal health and help you lose weight more efficiently.


Most importantly to keep that weight off and teach you a passion to exercise your body, your way.

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Genetic Testing 
Understanding health and weight loss

While the science behind the process may be complex, the process is rather simple.


A simple swab inside your mouth is sent to a confidential lab that analyzes your DNA, a comprehensive report is generated that examines your personal 16 genetic markers related specifically to weight loss, including a macronutrient breakdown of specifically what your caloric needs are and how your body reacts to foods, supplements, and even exercise.

The New Psychology
Your body and mind connection

Over the last 10 to 15 years science has begun to understand that simply cutting calories and exercising will not make you thin. It's the mind.


Peer-reviewed study after peer-reviewed study has proven that by encompassing tools such as NLP or neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy, the ability to release fears and doubts, buried deep inside the subconscious mind, creates a greater weight loss solution and permanent change.


Our behavioral therapists are certified in transformation as master hypnotherapists, giving you the best for what is most important to you.

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Are you ready?

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