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Overcoming The Pain
The steps of anxiety, stress, trauma recovery, and a new way of thinking

Today many people suffer in their past, PTSD from events that impacted their lives, that control how they feel and think every day. These past events whether they be from a recent trauma, or something that happened many years ago limit them from a life free from pain.


Science today knows that the body-mind connection is dramatically impacted by these events, many times causing actual body trauma, known as Body Syndrome. These body syndromes can cause illnesses and physical limitations and sadly are not tied to the body at all.


Telic Elite and its specialists in behavior modification and behavioral therapy, combined with nutrition and exercise, help individuals release these events, and allow positive hormones to release chemicals in the brain to feel significantly better.

Genetic Testing
Understanding your body and mind

Many times, we find that trauma can be exasperated by the way our bodies are affected by our genetic profile. 

We use a simple swab inside the mall and send it to a confidential lab that creates a complete report dealing with a personal genetic profile relative to aspects of your thinking process, and how your body is affected by food, nutrition, and exercise. 

An analysis of your DNA sample will create a 42 genetic marker report that will be reviewed with you and one of our certified genetic specialists to address not only any potential nutritional deficiencies but also how your mind is impacted by the genetics of your body. 

The science of epigenetics is designed to help you readdress your mind-body connection from a genetic perspective to live and feel better.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Hugging a Pillow
The Science and Psychology
Releasing your pain and fear

At Telic Elite, we have created a program that embraces working with other medical professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists to add the benefits of behavioral therapy, including clinical hypnotherapy, behavior modification neuro-linguistic programming, and EFT. 

All these techniques have been studied extensively and show tremendous results for those suffering from emotional pain. 

Past events may not even be apparent in the conscious mind, so opening up the subconscious mind and releasing those events, and replacing them with positive perceptions can make a dramatic difference.

Nutritional Psychology
A new way to look at mental health

Mental health is always a trending topic and for many good reasons. According to the national alliance on mental illness, one in five adults experienced some aspect of trauma or mental illness in 2018.


Trauma, depression, and anxiety are reaching epidemic levels in society today. A new science called nutritional psychology has grown out of this crisis, it looks specifically at how we eat and how that impacts our mental health.


Peer-reviewed studies are showing that certain micronutrients and diets release chemicals that reduce many of the effects of trauma, and mental illness. The specialists and certified nutritionists at Telic Elite are trained to address eating patterns and design programs specifically targeting these issues.


Utilizing the genetic report to understand what is going on inside the body and the mind, these reports target the impact of trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

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Image by Bruno Nascimento
The Power of Exercise 
The release of emotional pain

This although rather obvious to many, addresses the difficulty of those struggling with emotional pain having the desire or drive to exercise. 

Many peer-reviewed studies have shown that trauma and depression slow the metabolic process. We see this as people struggling to spend a great deal of time sleeping. 

Our unique and very specific cardiovascular and strength conditioning program slowly encourages the client to first start the program, and eventually embrace the program with passion.

Are you ready?

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