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The Science of Healthy Aging
Looking and feeling great at any age

Why do we get older? This a simple question with an obvious answer.


Yet is it, as simple as it seems? Today in the world of running, those over the age of 80 running marathons are growing faster than any other age group. That makes some people at 50, and another I live healthy and dynamic looking terrific at 70. It is simply the science and the psychology of healthy aging.


At Telic Elite we had a specific and very focused program that takes into consideration your genetic profile, your DNA, your history, and your lifestyle and bring it all together with a nutritional plan, a cardiovascular and strength conditioning program designed on how your body works, and most importantly a new way to think, utilizing powerful psychological tools to a mind-body response to slow the aging process.

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The Psychology of Aging
A sharp mind and cognitive fitness

You probably remember your grandmother telling you, it’s all in your mind! Well, she was probably right. So much of our life and our bodies are tied directly to the way we think, and what we believe.


At Telic Elite, our skilled behavioral therapists will work with you individually, utilizing all the tools including visualization, goal planning, neurolinguistic programming, and hypnotherapy to open up your mind and release any preconceived and limiting beliefs.


At the same time, we will create a new way of thinking using positive psychology and cognitive fitness to plant new beliefs in your subconscious mind, to help you think and live every day with vitality, confidence, and a positive perspective of your life.

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Strategic Nutrition
Eating for Health and Unlimited Energy

Many seniors today believe that when you get to a certain age, it’s all downhill from there. What a sad way to think, and live. More importantly, it is absolutely and scientifically untrue.


A recent video showed Dick Van Dyke, the famous comedian dancing away with energy with his wife at the age of 97. Choosing what and when to eat, generated from your personal epigenetic and DNA model, including eating windows, macro and micro nutrition, and specific supplements proving to improve your health and energy are critical.


Our certified nutritional and genetic specialists will design a personal program that will change the way you look and feel.

Genetic Testing
Innovative healthy aging programs

With a simple swab inside your mouth sent to a confidential lab, 98 different genetic markers will be evaluated to determine what is going on inside your body.


Think about it 28 of those genetic traits are related specifically, to mental function, organ health, sleep duration, vision, and healthy weight.


This report will look at your personal genetic markers so you can use the science to slow the aging process specifically to your genetic profile.

DNA Strand
Image by Tyler Nix
Exercises Designed for You
Specifically customized for your age

In much of the world of fitness and exercise, everybody is the same. We know that that is not true! Go to a gym, sign up for an exercise class, and you quickly learn that the program is designed for a 20-year-old, and rarely a 50-year-old, or a 70-year-old.


However, Telic Elite physiologists, and elite and master trainers are specifically trained to design a program based on your age, but more importantly where your body is today. Are you suffering from pain? do you have arthritis?


Are you struggling with a medical issue? All these issues are addressed in creating your personal plan and utilizing the powerful information generated from your genetic study. Combining specific supplementation based on scientific research, and our history will also help you reduce some of the effects of age, including muscle stiffness, agility, and physical restriction.

Are you ready?

Meet with one of our professionals today for a free consultation 

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