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Steven B

After my truck accident, I was seriously injured and in pain. I could not work and struggled with depression and PTSD. My health and diet went downhill, and I began to gain alot of weight.
Kim Nazarek starting with his detailed genetic analysis, diet and vitamins was very helpful in helping me address my issues with stress, change my thinking and help me recapture my health. I owe them a lot.

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Kim P

After years in a bad relationship, I found myself struggling with life and anxiety. Running my own business, and after raising my girls, my life seem to be not what I expected. My health began to fail, when I was referred by a family member to Kim Nazarek at Telic Elite. 
The genetic analysis he ran on me was incredible.
He put together a plan that included juicing, nutrition, and therapy. Also I have a good understanding of health, but his recommendations were unique and tailored for me. I cannot recommend Kim Nazarek and his team enough!

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Ray S

Many years ago I attended a workshop on health and wellness put on by Kim Nazarek and his team. 
The eight-week course help me change the way I ate and how I looked at food. At the time I started the course I was on five different medications, and by the end of the course, I was down to two and lost over 15 pounds. I can not more strongly recommend everyone who coached me. I would refer them to anyone.

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MaryLou R

After my struggle with cancer, I had trouble keeping weight and staying healthy. Eventually, I began to struggle with depression.
Mr. Nazarek‘s program with behavioral therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and a detailed nutritional and eating plan has changed my life. I feel better and have been able to keep my cancer under control. The vitamins and supplements they recommended really helped boost my immune system. Thank you Kim Nazarek.

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Mark M 

I have struggled with health issues for years, I have tried many different diets and sought help from doctors and clinics. I was referred to Telic Elite by a good friend and they help me create an eating plan based on my personal genetic analysis which was amazing! My health improved and I feel really good. Also helping me change my thinking through hypnotherapy and positive affirmations was incredible.
Their approach has done wonders for me. Their comprehensive approach to diet, nutrition, exercise, and behavioral therapy is amazing.

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Dorothy R

I strongly recommend Kim Nazarek and his team at Telic Elite. I came to Kim with a problem I had with sugar. No matter what I tried, no book I read, no diet I tried seemed to work. It really affected how I felt and my overall health. I felt hopeless and discouraged.
They put together a comprehensive plan that has worked wonders. 
I have lost weight, my health is improved and my craving for sugar has gone down dramatically. My whole outlook on life has changed, I look forward to every day.

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