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The Ultimate Game Plan

When it comes to change in most cases people use one or two programs to reach their goals. It is known as segmenting. An example of this could be weight loss, when somebody wants to get in better shape, feel better and look better, they may begin a diet and even start exercising. There’s nothing wrong with those two initial steps, yet there are so many other strategies they can use to increase their success significantly. 

Your Ultimate Game Plan embraces whatever your desire for change in your life may be. It utilizes every dynamic strategy, to dramatically enhance your ability not only to succeed but to maintain your success for years to come.

Here are some of the most successful modalities Telic Elite utilizes in creating your personal Ultimate Game Plan for dramatic change and sustained success.

Game Plan success strategies and protocols 

1. Nutritional psychology 
2. Strategic nutritional design
3. Micro-nutritional design for immune health
4. Macro nutritional design for weight loss
5. Successful diet plans for weight loss
6. Clinical hypnotherapy
7. Neuro-linguistic programming
8. Photo bio modulation, (light therapy)
9. Therapeutic Imagery
10. Emotional freedom technique (Tapping)
11. Essential oil therapy
12. Target point training (cardiovascular exercise)
13. Plyometrics
14. Biofeedback
15. Micro nutritional and supplementation for better health
16. Genetic health testing
17. Ice & Heat therapy 
18. Strategic resistance and weight training plans
19. Eating windows and intermittent fasting strategies
20. Mindfulness and meditation
21. Positive psychology
22. Athletic enhancement through behavioral therapy
23. Test anxiety reduction through behavioral therapy


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